awura simpe

Founder & The Visionary

Skills: Strategy

camila alvarez

Head of Branding & The Magician

Skills: Storytelling

Charmaine wartes

Head of Projects & The Questioner

Skills: Management

Awura is the founder of Creative Women Agency (and Creative Women Collective). Community is her middle name. Within CWA Awura focuses on the strategy of your event. As a #communityhero (according to herself, but also according to ELLE, VIVA & Yoni), she will not only strategically connect the dots, but also the people. In her previous life Awura was a lawyer. Click here to read more about her  switch from the corporate world to the creative.

Camila is a marketing tornado, with a special eye for branding. With a degree in international communication and a Master in marketing management, she’s analytical to a tee and won’t miss a single detail when coming up with a campaign for your company. Being specialised in branding, she takes your vision, sprinkles it with her special touch and makes magic happen for your event or campaign. All while being her organized self.

Charmaine breathes project management. With 5 years of leadership experience under her belt for a large retail company, your to-do list is her priority. Charmaine has a Bachelor in Social Work and a Master in Communication. The perfect mix for the empathic person she is. The heart of your company is basically her own. 

yennhi le

Head of PR & The Animal Whisperer

Skills: PR, Sales & Marketing

monika vaskorova

Videographer & The Narrator

Skills: Storytelling

Oboshie oduro

Photographer & The Innovator

Skills: Photography (portrait, conceptual & events)

Yennhi is a Management & Textiles student at Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She is specialized in sustainability and PR and by day this is her focus. In her work her motto is happy planet = happy people. On the weekends, Yennhi expresses her other passions: styling and modelling. For more of Yennhi's passion projects, check out her website here.

Monika is a highly-skilled videographer with over 7 years of experience in both video and photography. Through her work Monika is able to communicate stories which connect with an audience on an emotional level. Monika is an artist with an incredible eye for visual branding. Monika has worked for a number of commercial clients including, Biodermal and

Oboshie is always experimenting with new techniques, concepts and tools. She is a creative by nature. As a child she expressed herself through illustration, and as she grew older she switched her pencil for a camera. Oboshie aspires to inspire through her work. She has the ability to connect different perspectives and create a new one with a strong identity. For more of Oboshie's work check out her portfolio here.

els danquah

Photographer & The Optimist

Skills: Allround Visual Creation

Shenelva booij

Creative Director & The Unicorn

Skills: Creative Concept Development

Carly wollaert

Photographer & The Observer

Skills: Photography (portrait, editorial & events)

In her early years, Els was a girl who hardly spoke but observed a lot and was (is!) obsessed with creativity. Through this she developed the skill to see things from a different angle. Els believes everyone has a voice, however storytelling doesn't always have to be verbal. In a couple of years she might pop up in the credits of your favorite movies as a (documentary) filmproducer. But for now, she enjoys making short videos, Instagram stories and breathtaking pictures. Follow Els on Instagram for all three.

Shenelva is an allround creative who’s passionate about using her creativity and imagination as a tool to inspire, unite and empower people. Is there anything Shenelva is unable to do creatively? The answer is probably no. From music to social media to graphic design, she is able to apply her skills to any creative field. As a student at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Image & Media Technology) in Utrecht she is able to do it all.

From a young age Carly has been an observer of daily life. As a photographer her talent is capturing the spirit of her person on camera. Carly is intrigued with experimenting how shapes, colors & light fall together perfectly. Her analogue photography strongly complements her visual language, as she pairs this with digital photography. Check her portfolio (including work for Het Parool) on

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